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What is Fantasy Football? 

Originally starting in newspapers as a pen and paper activity, Fantasy Football has since evolved into a huge online market, with first web browsers, and now in the form of apps for smart phones. Fantasy Football can be explained as a game of both luck and strategy that tests a player's knowledge of football to the limit! Playing against friends, colleagues or even strangers - you can usually win prizes based on your fantasy team's performance. Some of the biggest games offer life-changing amounts of cash prizes, whilst others are just for fun and bragging rights.

You team of players will earn your fantasy team points based on their real-life performances in relation to the scoring system of the game you are playing,

There are millions of Fantasy Football fans across the world and this includes paid and free-to-play games.


In the USA, Fantasy Football is hugely popular but it refers to the sport of American Football and often includes a pool of prize money that can be won or shared amongst friends at the end of a season. With gambling either restricted or illegal in the USA, Fantasy Football provides a legal alternative to match betting.

In India, the Fantasy Cricket market is huge. The concept is exactly the same as Fantasy Football, but the rules/scoring system are adapted for cricket and to the Indian market.

Fantasy Football has proven very popular for several decades now as it makes live sport even more exciting, and adds an extra layer of competition if competing against friends/colleagues in mini-leagues. Mini-leagues have become a common part of office life in most of Europe!

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