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Q. Do I need to pay to play the game?

A. No. The game is completely free to play, but you have the choice to pay to remove adverts/banners from the app for 1 year.

Q. Can I register more than one account?

A. You can only register one account, however, you can enter as many mini-leagues as you like with various teams from the 8 domestic leagues available.

Q. Do I need to be over 18?

A. Due to some gambling-related advertising, you must confirm that you are over the age of 18 upon registration.

Q. Are any countries or nationalities excluded from the game?

A. As long as your country's government haven't blocked access to our app then you can download and play the game. However, some prizes may have some restrictions and details will be specified accordingly.

Q. How many mini-leagues can I enter?

A. Currently, you can enter as many as you like without restrictions (excluding private/exclusive-members leagues).

Q. How many transfers can I make to my team?

A. You can make unlimited transfers before the start of the first fixture of the competition you have entered. Once the first match has begun, you can then make up to 3 transfers per week. You will then have the option of watching video adverts to obtain up to an additional 3 transfers per week.

Q. What languages is the app available in?

A. Currently, the app is only available in English. However, we will add other languages asap, as our mission is to bring Fantasy Football to everyone.

Q. I am offended by this website and/or game.

A. Please use the contact form to let us know what is wrong, and we will get back to you asap.

Q. Why can't I find a player during the team selection process?

A. Our database is updated frequently and we have thousands of players that you can choose from. However, some youth players may not be included as they need to have a id from our data providers in order to calculate their scores. Feel free to send us a request and we will do our best to add the requested player when possible.

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