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As well as Dream Leagues Fantasy Football merchandise, users will have the chance to win a wide-range of weekly/monthly/exclusive/promotional prizes when participating in the various mini-leagues (free-to-play).

Prizes for the free-to-play official Dream Leagues Fantasy Football season-long mini-league (Premier League) are as follows:



1st: PS5 with FIFA 24





2nd: FIFA 24 + football shirt of choice


3rd: Football shirt of choice


4th-10th: Official Dream Leagues football shirt

10th-20th place: PS4/PS5/XBOX or Switch gift cards



New prizes will be added throughout the season as and when new companies create their own official branded mini-league.

New sponsored mini-leagues and prizes on offer will be promoted across our social media pages along with the joining link/code.

If you are a company/brand that would like to sponsor a mini-league (no fee, but prizes required), then contact us here for an info pack.





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