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Fantasy Football stadium

Dream Leagues Fantasy Football is a fantasy game for everyone!

Our game caters for both casual and hardcore fantasy fans - but with our focus on fun and regular prizes, it means you can enjoy the game throughout the whole season and not just the first few weeks!

If you miss the start of the season - don't worry! Just start (or join) a mini-league from the next Game Week, or even just make it a weekly/monthly competition (points can be reset at the end of each round).

The game is FREE to play, and with the chance to join lots of sponsored mini-leagues (*to be announced and added throughout the season), you can stand to win regular weekly/monthly prizes such as: company merchandise, vouchers/discounts, tickets, football shirts, footballs and much much more.

One of the game changers we are introducing is the ability to choose between NINE different domestic leagues. You can create multiple mini-leagues with your friends or colleagues and test your European football knowledge across various leagues.

We hope you enjoy playing our game, and GOOD LUCK!

                                  DL HQ

dream leagues fantasy football
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